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Jewelry Specialists 

The people behind boushique have decades of experience in the design, production and sales of high-quality designer jewelry worldwide. Using our collective experience and ressources, we are now making it possible for creative minds anywhere in the world to launch their own unique jewelry collections and have their very own online boutiques. You focus on the creative development & promotion, and we will take care of everything else. Let’s harness the collective creativity of the world and make beautiful things!¬†



Only the Best

High-quality Materials & Experiences craftsmanship

All our jewelry pieces are crafted using only the very best, quality materials. We employ a lengthy quality control process ensuring that every piece is up to the highest standard. All our clients receive production samples prior to starting the manufacturing process to ensure that the item is exactly as promised. 

Full-service, hassle-free support

Our team of jewelry specialists, designers and 3D technicians will work hard to turn your ideas to reality. Whatever you feel passionate about, we will make it happen and create the jewelry collection of your dreams. In addition to our jewelry development work, we also support our clients with a full-service approach by fully hosting and managing your online jewelry boutique!

While our clients focus on creating amazing jewelry & promoting their collections to the world, we take care of all the operational heavy-lifting behind the scenes. We will manufacture the jewelry, package it, take care of inventory & storage, host an online webshop, process incoming orders, fulfil and ship to customers worldwide, handle customer service requests, returns and much more! Create and sell your amazing jewelry line without any hassle!

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